Has anyone tried a cloud based solution to host an Unreal built solution?

We are trying to demo few of our applications that we built in Unreal, but its rather difficult to take pc or a powerful laptop everywhere, I was wondering if I can run these packages on a remote machine and show them to our clients using a browser on Ipad, would be fantastic if somehow the ipad touches can be translated to windows touch since our applications use windows touch.
Is anyone aware of such a service provider? I am looking into paperspace right now.

Have you tried Pixel Streaming?

Thanks, I will look into it and see if it can do what i am looking for.
I tried Paperspace and Moonlight streaming, but it did not do what i was hoping it would.

You can set up your in house server with Pixel Streaming. It’s really helpful for showcasing Unreal projects to remote clients that may not have powerful enough devices to run your app at full specs.
I just published a video explaining exactly how to set it up on 4.24+.
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Hi Cyberglobe, I have a pixel streaming build that works fine on my local network, but I’d like to upload it to AWS or some cloud server. Would you know how it’s done? or would you know which aws service is appropriate for this? This whole cloud issue is a big mess for me, and I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to upload a multiplayer game. My work is for archviz.

Hi have you found any solution for aws?? Iam also trying to host through aws. If you succeed pls let me know

I have a project running on AWS. It runs on an EC2 instance of type g3s.xlarge, which includes a GPU. I launched it from ami-0aab79ae79858f789 Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with NVIDIA GPU driver for G3 Locale English AMI provided by Amazon, which includes the appropriate Nvidia drivers. Once the instance was running, I pretty much followed the pixel streaming Getting Started guide to get it working.
The g3s.xlarge instance is actually overpowered for running a single instance of my project at 60fps, but can only run 2 instances at 20-25 fps. My guess is that it’s not good at sharing the GPU.

Definitely Epic Games should provide an Unreal Engine Cloud solution.

For example, that for a monthly or annual payment, you can have a type of PC or virtual server where you can work on your projects in the EU.

That would save us money on buying PCs or allow developers to work from anywhere. If we already have Gaming Cloud, why don’t we have Unreal Engine Cloud?