Has anyone successfully uploaded a tvOS app?

I’m getting an error when uploading with Application Loader which I’m unable to resolve:

ERROR ITMS-90471: “Missing Image Asset. Your app is missing the Large App Icon asset AppIconSmall in Payload/game.app.”

I’ve left the UE4 images for the icons and have tried using the images from an Apple example Xcode project but nothing seems to be working. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully uploaded a tvOS app and maybe more specifically using engine version 4.14?

Question I started: tvOS "Missing Image Asset" - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

I certainly haven’t been able to. But then you know that because we’ve encountered each-other’s answerhub posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh. Have either of you gotten anywhere with this? I am back at it again, now that the holiday has passed…

I won’t be ready to upload for a bit, but I would like to know that I will be able to…

Not with the submission process, no. I am able to work around other bugs in 4.14 so you can reach submission, but then I hit 5 errors on submission.

With 4.15 from source (unreleased), I don’t have any showstopper bugs preventing me from packaging, but I have 2 errors with the upload submission.

I’ve given up. I’m waiting to see if Epic Games can confirm they can upload a tvOS build without any errors.

So have I for the moment. I am spending my time porting my project to Android instead. It’s a crying shame. My project has been ready to submit for tvOS since Nov 26th, 2016.

what are your errors? Maybe they can be resolved manually…

I’m sure they could be resolved manually…if I know how to manually fix the Xcode project. I don’t pretend to know how to do that, yet.

I know this post is old… Just wondering if you got anywhere with this since then. It´s 2023, UE5.1 and it´s not even possible to package for tvOS. (naming of the info.plist file, etc…). Resolved all of that manually but not possible to submit…