Has anyone successfully converted a UE3 game to Windows 10 appx?

As the title says,

Has anyone successfully converted a UE3 game to Windows 10 appx?

The current issue I’m having when converting is that the Desktop App Converter doesn’t like the PhysX dependency installation so the converter freezes and it unable to continue. Removing the PhysX driver dependency from the conversion process works fine, but UE3 requires PhysX in order to play. Is there a method around this?


Did you ever figure out a solution to this?

Im not sure what appx files are.Does it have something with the way you package the game strictly for the windows store?If so wont the basic exe or a ino instalation do the same?

No unfortunately I haven’t found a solution. I’ve been working with Microsoft support concerning this too but they also haven’t been able to find a workaround. :frowning:

The basic .exe installer of the game needs to be converted into a .appx in order to publish onto the Windows Store. Unfortunately Microsoft do not allow a basic .exe or .msi to be published onto their store.

Than you shoud most probably need to contact epic,as this might be something custom to be made,and they probably can.A quick google shows me that coverters from exe to AppX do exist.Have you had no luck with them?

Here’s kind of a lame idea coming from someone who has never tried making an appx… Is it possible to make an .exe that just runs the UDK installer? Or do the same thing with say a .bat file or a python script or something like that?

I see QUBE did make it onto the Windows 10 Store. Did you mind telling me how you were able to get UDK into Appx? I’ve tried several programs like Desktop Bridge but no luck for quite some time. Thanks!

Yeah, me also would LOVE to get my game as a UWP app (Universal Windows Platform) to run it on Xbox One X :smiley:

For others looking in this direction - Give this a shot. I was able to package UDK using it successfully.

This looks interesting, but it says win32 applications? I hope it will work with 64 bit builds but the real question is, is Windows Store really worth it? I was left with the impression that sales don’t go well there.On the other hand, every copy sold is a win for people like us.

Yeah bro, every copy sold on any imaginable platform is a win for us, small (solo) indie developers. I will try to publish my game on all avaiable digital distribuition platform.

I was accepted as an ID@Xbox dev a couple years back. I am hoping that I can leverage the Windows 10 launch into a Xbox launch too at some point. Getting this game onto streaming platforms would be also huge. I’m still taking feedback on Steam too in hopes I can still release the best game I can (Fishing on the Fly). The solo dev path has been rough and long.

I believe since it runs in VM machine the 32 bit side won’t hurt. So far it is running fine on test system, but I know that it might do weird stuff on other hardware builds given the nature of the beast.