Has anyone played the first UE 4 game, Daylight?

If you have what are your thoughts on it?

It is annoying and boring, you don’t do much except gather notes and get key to the next portion of the “maze”. Once you get over the jump scares, the girl that screams at you just gets annoying. The game is pretty short and after you finish it you don’t want to play it again. The randomization of the levels makes the map design dull and senseless and you frequently get lost or have to backtrack, forcing you to stare at the map half of the game. The sound design is the only decent thing in the game. The game could be fun to stream once and have people spam commands to scare you, but after that it doesn’t really have much lasting appeal.

Saw an interview with the developers? earlier this week. When I heard ‘procedural generated’ and ‘playthough in 30 mins’ … if you can only procedural generate 30 minutes of content my 14 euro’s are better spent on pizza and a few drinks, those last longer than 30 minutes.

looking at the steam community comments and review scores now, guess it isn’t that finished and crash//bug free too.

Gamespot – 3/10
GamesRadar – 2/5
Eurogamer – 7/10
Polygon – 5/10
Leadergamer – 5/10
Expansive – 6/10
El33tonline – 3/5
Softpedia – 8.5/10
Strategy Informer – 4.5/10

I guess this is why I got it for free with my latest graphics card order.

I am disappointed.
The scariest thing on the Game is the Grafik.

I got this game for free with my new GTX 780. Kinda disappointed with graphics. A really bad showcase for the first Unreal Engine 4 game. I still haven’t finish it yet so I cant say whether I like it or not but its a bit boring and repetitive so far. Textures are really low resolution, there is only few objects on the screen. Environments are a bit empty. I like the sound and its a bit scary sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: . If I only new about Watch Dogs promotion before I ordered my new gpu, I could wait a few days to get it instead :frowning:

I got it and loved it, graphics looked pretty good to me not great but i was satisphied

The graphics make the engine look bad, so its disappointing. The game is also repetitive. The procedural generation doesn’t really seem procedural.

I didn’t even bother playing it, the graphics looked like 1st gen UE3, the gameplay looked horrible and it’s another one of those “You wake up not knowing where you are” story lines that has been done to death and only done well like once or twice.

I don’t even really consider it the first UE4 game since it doesn’t utilize the power of UE4 at all…

Horrible “game” and looks like it was made 10 years ago. Total waste of UE4 they could have done this on source 1. :wink:

Some complaints I noted while looking at user steam reviews, Game crashing, not starting, being poorly optimized. What do you think that have played this game? Does it seem more resource intensive than it should be? At a base level does the actual engine demand a very strong computer? or can the game scale the requirements somewhat?

What I’m trying to find out is what we can learn from the technical side of this first deployment of the udk 4 engine.

Does UE4 include HBAO+ as standard or do you have to speak to nvidia to include it ? How would you go about implementing it ? Is it worth it ?

First forgive me what will i say cause really i saw many comment like this in many website…

I don’t know why indie developer like you who work to make whatever small game or big game in unreal engine say like this , i fell them they work so hard to make this game i know this is short, but think about it, why they make this game ? maybe they want try it to produce this game but in the end they successful.

Believe me if you were them you will fell how match hard time to make like this.
I’m so sorry cause harsh in my view.

I played this game, and i’m really enjoying this game, and please don’t say game crashing, not starting, being poorly optimized, i will not judge this but i think if you see this comment spread in many website, first check this game to make sure if this game work with out any problem , if it is work then maybe they heaters or maybe 100% they using low PC with graphic or some update driver like video card miss up .:smiley:

Lol everyone is entitled to they opinions and i haven’t gotten this game nor am i interested into, but i must say this look at ps 4 launch, killzone shadow fall blow that away, I was like OMG Next Gen… and because of it i would buy ps 4 4 times over again as to xbox one launch, but that just me everyone is different. Killzone wasn’t the greatest game but it was stunning, and it caught my attention.

Games produce can be 100% waste of money and others 100% worth the money its a gamble for everyone, but daylight didn’t sell or show off unreal engine 4 at all in my opinion, from a customer point of view, i watch and played bioshock infinity and now thats a game that shows off UE 3, when i saw it at first i was like no way, that is not unreal engine it couldn’t be unreal engine, and when i googled it i was like OMFG!!! LOL daylight didn’t make me go OMFG for UE 4, it was more like… hmm… another horror game… oh let me go look up the new killzone trailer!, I never got through daylight trailer cause it was just not interesting at all to me.

But when i saw the infiltrator tech demo i was like F**K hell unreal engine 4 is beyond what i had expected.

But at the end of the day its just my opinion, and i don’t think daylight showed off unreal engine 4, and i am still waiting for a game to show off unreal engine 4, Fortnite is what i waiting for.

oh Bioshock and all those game even unreal engine 4 runs nice on my low end pc with intel graphic, so out of the box daylight should of been optimize for low end users like myself, and if it isn’t that another reason i will kick the game out the window. I mean i ran metro last light, and other heavy game of last gen on a crappy pc at low - mid settings, the only one that never run was crysis 3 which i expected as at game killed strong cards.