Has anyone managed to successfully view a Pixel Stream from within a UE4 application?

Has anybody had any luck with viewing a Pixel Stream from one UE4 application to another?

I’m following this doc: Interacting with the Pixel Streaming System | Unreal Engine Documentation at “Playing the Stream in the media Framework”

I’ve set up one UE4 application to use pixel streaming and that seems to work fine - I can view and control it from a browser.
But when I try to view the stream from within a separate UE4 application using a Stream Media Source and Media Player the application crashes.

Pixel Streaming plugin is enabled on both UE4 applications

To re-create:

The Stream:

  • Download the Pixel Streaming Demo from Epic Games Launcher (or create own project and enable Pixel Streaming plugin)
  • Package for Windows to generate executable
  • Create shortcut to executable with parameters “-AudioMixer -PixelStreamingIP=localhost -PixelStreamingPort=8888”
  • Run the Signalling Web Server in (UE Install Folder)\Engine\Source\Programs\PixelStreaming\WebServers\SignallingWebServer
  • Run the game from the shortcut
  • Check Pixel Stream is running by going to any web browser and entering “localhost”

Viewing the stream from UE4

  • Create a new UE4 project and enable the Pixel Streaming plugin
  • Add a new Stream Media Source and enter “webrtc://” as the URL
  • Add new Media Player with Media Texture
  • Apply the media texture to an object in the scene (I’ve used a Plane)
  • In the level blueprint, create a media player variable referencing the one created above and use it to call the Open Source function with the Stream Media Source selected on Event BeginPlay


  • Package and run the application
  • Application crashes

Am trying to do pixel streaming as well. I created a packaged project, am able to start the server but it just stops at listening on port 80. When I try to connect from browser, click to start page but after that nothing happens. Could you help me here.

I get an instant crash when my viewer (web, not another UE instance) tries to connect. I can get it to run if I run it as a standalone game from the command line, but not a packaged one.

With 4.25 i dont get a crash. But it just wont open anything webrtc related. Anyone news on this?

I’ve also run into this problem. It looks like an issue with sample duration being incorrectly reported.
The WebRTC connection looks good, and I’ve verified it works through the browser.
Audio is coming across okay, it’s only video.

PixelStreamingWebRTC: (paced_sender.cc:119): PacedSender resumed.
PixelStreamingWebRTC: (rtp_video_stream_receiver.cc:308): Packet received on SSRC: 1465854446 with payload type: 96, timestamp: 4227168552, sequence number: 9918, arrival time: 565918370
PixelStreamingWebRTC: (rtp_video_stream_receiver.cc:632): Found out of band supplied codec parameters for payload type: 96
PixelStreamingWebRTC: Warning: (packet_buffer.cc:350): Received H.264-IDR frame (SPS: 0, PPS: 0). Treating as key frame since WebRTC-SpsPpsIdrIsH264Keyframe is disabled
PixelStreamingWebRTC: (decoder_database.cc:140): Initializing decoder with payload type '96'.
PixelPlayer: Error: `Sample->GetSampleDuration(&CaptureTs)` failed: 0xC00D36C9 - The Media Sample does not have a duration.

The happens on both 4.25 and 4.26

It’s also happening to me too, any solutions?