Has anyone managed to send/receive ANT+ data with Unreal ?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has managed to send/receive ANT+ data with Unreal ?
I’ve checked online for a plugin but haven’t found anything.
I’m hoping to control the resistance of a bicycle turbo trainer from within a video game.
Any ideas?!

The easiest, most reliable solution is probably a mobile companion app talking to UE4 using any of the number of protocols like WiFi, Bonjour, etc.

Sorry - only seeing this reply now.
Can you give me a bit more detail on the way an app would be designed to pass data to/from the game engine…not the actual code but the basic steps ?
Some people have suggested using OSC…I have never come across Bonjour. I presume all protocols would involve plugin for unreal.
I presume the app would need to be written in xcode ?
If the app is pre-packaged is there anyway to communicate with it or does a new app have to be coded ?
Are there any resources or sample files online or on the forum for this type of work ?

I’m not too familiar with the ANT+ protocol, but it might be interesting to write an ANT+ plug-in for the Messaging system.

Hi Gerke - unfortunately thats beyond my skill-set! I’ve decided to go with Bluetooth for the moment but if you happen to put a plugin together at some stage I’d be very interested.

I’m about one year behind on my plug-in to-do list, so this isn’t going to happen anytime soon from my end :wink:

I knew it’s old but anything new about this Topic?

I’m interested at the ANT+ Protocol to use a Pulsemeter in a little UE4 project.

I’ve also got an interest in this.
I’m familiar with using OSC but how would you go about using the ANT+ data and passing that as OSC data into UE4? I suspect you mean via a proxy app running on the pc?

Also, does anyone know if ANT+ data is 2-way? You can obviously receive data but can you also send data? I’m thinking in terms of a bike simulator so I could alter resistance on a trainer/change gear via an electronic gear changer/send info to other ANT+ monitors etc.

I’m currently looking into this, I will probably write a new thread when I have sufficient info, I’m going to start here -

I’d also be very interested in this. I’m working with the ANT+ documentation, but I’ve not managed to get anything working as of yet. If anyone else has made any progress on this front I’d love to hear about it.

How did you manage to get the data into unreal with bluetooth?

It seams there is badly too little interest at this topic. Had hopes over time there will be some code (on the Marketplace for example), because it is over my skills to do this by my own. For Unity you find ANT+ Stuff, but not for UE4.

Bluetooth is great so far, but with ANT+ you get the actual Data faster.

Edit: Ok, I have googled a while and found this: Process In-Depth - DkIT Mahara

That looks promising.

its been 4 years, i hope someone found a solution or implemented a plugin for connectivity between Unreal and ANT USB stick.

I am developing a Game to interact with Hardware power bi-cycle communicating on ANT Stick. Which will receive Speed, RPM, Power from bi-cycle via ANT and also send ‘Resistance’ characteristic to bi-cycle.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to start my development? (Bumping the post)

Thanks in advance.