Has anyone made a HTML5 archviz project?

Hi I want to know if someone has made a HTML5 archviz project and if so I’d like to see it.
I’m wondering what kind of quality can HTML5 provide, since archviz is always striving to achieve photorealism.

Hey there,

1 year ago, i tried to make a project with html5, but i gave up, cuz is not very stable.

the quality that you will get is like Mobile one.

Regards. :B

I suggest you to stay away from html5 for a long time or until Epics fix some kind of stable version. Most of the problems you will get is memory - all the textures, lightmaps must be in low rez. I used 1 week, every day - 8 hours to get something functional for html5, and I failed spectacularly. For me the only thing worked is just floor, walls, ceiling and one material. If you have more materials, textures, 3d models it fails to work properly. I think Epic should lock html5 as a platform because it leads to completely losing time in something that is not stable.

Only good to show show “possibilities” of the executables. Will still require a decent spec to run. Size is another problem, if you are talking a 2GB project and wanna transmitting all via internet…

Have you seen this: