Has anyone had issues with hair not showing?

Hi there is an option in metahuman face include… something
When I check this option it helps in my case

When I selected the middim quality model, the hair seems normal. You can’t using highest quality on Mac

I used the medium and low quality Metahuman, but the hair doesn’t appear. Intel MacOS.

For Metahumans on Mac you need use models with hair as Cards

this project on my Mac


Didn’t work for me…

I fixed it ! in the groom details panel find the LOD (right up)
delete all of them or set all the groom LOD visible seting’s on!!!

Can you share a screenshot of the process?

So I think I may have found an actual solution… in the LOD levels where the hair goes missing (for me it’s 2 and up), I set the “Geometry Type” to Strands instead of Cards (or Mesh) up to the LOD level at which I’m comfortable with the hair/fuzz/brows/lashes vanishing.



That worked for me in 5.0.3! Thank you!

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Ok I ran into a problem where my hair would show up far distance but wouldn’t show up close distance

so I looked into it read every everybody said & I found the best situation so far for make anybody who’s on MAC ,but it might work for Pc , anyway you have you mess wit the forced lod & num Lods

you can almost mess with the min lod 2 that’s just for test run or a just incase I think it’s Better to mess with it to but to each his own but anyway you can just change the numbers because that’s the way your make character fit for how you want the character to look from old system games system that run good with your gaming system like ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 ps5 Pc but we actually missing the Mac m crazy I know but hers a picture for example

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Can sumbody help me idk why his pants ain’t falling to help ?

i found the solution. Enable the Alembic Groom importer and Groom plug-in . After that Open the Project Settings by going to Edit> Project Settings . Under Rendering > Optimizations** , enable the Support Compute Skin Cache option

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