Has anyone gotten in-app-purchases working for Mobile?

Im wondering how to implement in app purchases for ios and android apps built in UE4. Havent been able to find any tutorials so far.

I haven’t worked with ios programming but here are some links to point you in the right direction for android programming for in app purchases:


I’m working on a project for both IOS & Android and I have 2 problems with the UE (version 4.7.5) :

  1. An issue with IN-APP PURCHASE seems an issue with
    OnlineSubsystem (but not sure) → BluePrint In-App purchases IOS not working UE 4.7.5 Win

  2. for info; when I did compile APK for Android :
    the size of my project was upper
    than 50Mb, then when I compile with
    .apk + .obb there is an issue with Google Play Service → Useful info about Google Play store and .obb file names

I’m in the same boat as you - I would really like better support from EPIC on this issue. They can’t get paid till we get paid, so why is this so hard to sort out?

Hi All,

Terence Burns is assisting another user in this AnswerHub thread. Please have a look and see if it is relevant to your individual issues.


Hi, Yes it works for me now : in-app purchase in sandbox mode on IOS (Only BluePrint Project UE4.7.6 under windows) it was a syntax problem a changing variable name from UE 4.5.1 (Thread)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ps: In-App purchase not tested for Google Play… for the .apk + .obb problem on Android it seems solved too (tested in alpha version) : cf-> Failed to open descriptor file

Does anyone have a working approach to actually downloading data (not just an unlock) on mobile?