Has anyone else experienced "Removed unused widget" on widgets that were very much in use?

I don’t have a clue what happened, I just loaded up the project I have been working on, hit play to refresh myself with what needed work, and got compiler error. Two widget designs were just straight deleted. (graphs still intact) I would report as bug but, “list steps to reproduce” yeah right.

looks like old ue4 bug, If I remember correctly it sometimes happens after ‘replace with child’ is used or sth and reopening editor. would paste link but answerhub is down.

Interesting, shame it hasn’t been fixed. I probably was using ‘replace with child’ at the time, so I imagine you are correct.

Samething happened to me…

“Replace with”

  • Replaced root widget of “Canvalpanel widget” which is named as “Overlay” with “Overlay widget”

  • this widget binded as “Canvalpanel” in CPP, so engine renamed “Overlay” as “Overlay_1”

  • here i don’t know wheather i saved widget blueprint or not

  • Editor crashed because of completly other reason, not related to widget class.

  • Reopened project, LOST., all child widgets deleted

  • first error is: “A required widget binding “Overlay” of type Canvas Panel was not found.” After that, Removed unused widgets etc…

  • Stiil that widget blueprint is 286kb in file, but don’t know how to bring that back, tried changing widget binding in cpp, but that doesn’t worked.

  • Backup saves the life…!

Probably, it’s may not be a engine bug.

  • while replacing root widget, Engine showed an error “One or more widgets are in use in the graph, do you really want to delete them?”
  • it’s a forceful change by humans
  • but, engine doesn’t deleted any child widget at that time
  • engine will show compile error because of cpp binding, still we can make changes as required and can save wbp.
  • sadly editor crashed, everything gets deleted.