Has anyone done this or is it even possible

Hi everyone… The story so far.

So I ran a hosted dedicated server that I wanted to change some simple things. For example the cost of a wood foundation.

What I have done so far…

In the Mods folder I have made a folder and name it, lets just say mymod. Copied the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod to mymod folder and renamed it PrimalGameData_BP_mymod. I have also copied the TestGameMode_GenericMod and GenericMod (Level) and renamed them. I then copied the BP for the stonepick from Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Weapons folder. In the file I have adjusted the Base Crafting Resources Requirement of Thatch to 5 instead of 10. I have compiled and save all these files.

In the PrimalGameData_BP_mymod I have named the mod and the description. In the master item list where the stone pick is referenced points to the one in my mymod folder. I have also set the Default Game Mode to TestGameMode_mymod.

The MyMod (Level) I have also set to Default Game Mode to TestGameMode_mymod and the Primal Game Data to point to PrimalGameData_BP_mymod in its world settings. This has also been done in the TestMap (level) which I use to test the mod. The TestMap has nothing in the Force Load Map Name where as in the MyMod (level) is shows TheIsland.

Now I have tried a number of thing and different ways to get this to work but when I load the TestMap and bring up the crafting window the pick still cost 10 thatch.

Has anyone been able to change the resource cost of things or is this just not possible. Any Help or info would be awesome as I have been at this for 4 days now with no success.

Thanks for your time.

You need to also make an engram and link it to your pickaxe, then use the override engram feature to override the previous engram.

Ok so all changes to the item need to have the engram changed as well. This make sense… Thanks for the info will let you know how it goes.

On another not… you said in another post that you need to have changed file in your mod folder in the same file structure as the original. Is this correct?

Thanks again :smiley:

Your mod folder does not require any structuring, Unreal Engine contains and manipulates all the links between files and cares not where they come from, so you won’t need to put anything in the mod folder in a specific format.
But you do require all mod files in the mod folder, as it will only cook what is in that folder.

To change something like the axe/pick axe you also need to change the blueprints that are able to be dropped in the world too, and the drops of the dinosaurs and the supply crates as these all will create the real vanilla item, and completely ignore your modified version.

If you just want an easy time cwm33 is making an easy mode mode, he is remapping and changing the costs of everything, buildings, items, cementing paste.

If you make a new item, you will have to do work on any other items that interact with it. For example, the Stone Foundation and Metal Foundation require the Wood foundation as a pre-requisite.

There are no “simple” changes hehe.

Thanks guys this is very helpful. I will get into this and let you know how it works out.

Thanks again for the help.