Has anyone been able to use the BP node "Fill Data Table from CSV File" in a packaged executable without a crash?

I tracked down a problem with the BP node “Fill Data Table from CSV File” where it crashes packaged games but works fine in the editor. I found the bug in report UE-64330 and it is slated for a 4.22 fix. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck coaxing the function into working.

With a fresh BP only project packaged for either win32 development or win64 development using 4.21 and just the “Fill Data Table from CSV File” node and its supporting table and structure I crash with
“Warning: CreateProc failed: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x00000002)”
(The same project executes correctly in the editor from all play modes)

Considering the error it seems like a probable path difference between editor and packaged builds or an a disk permissions problem. I made a copy of the .CSV in qustion and placed it in C:\ to see if maybe the engine was holding the file open or maybe it was disk permission and the packaged game does not crash in a normal way, it simply exits immediately and there is no error at all listed in the packaged logs. Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: I just loaded the csv to a string and fed it into the sister bp node “Fill Data Table from CSV String” as a test and get the same behavior where the packaged game exits immediately with no error in the log.

Edit: I noticed that when UE silently crashes this line appears in the logs,
“Warning: FAsyncPackage::LoadImports for /Game/UI/TestUi: Skipping import Function /Script/Engine.DataTableFunctionLibrary:FillDataTableFromCSVFile, depends on missing native class”
Can anyone give me more information about this missing class?
I also see when trying to launch with the project launcher that when the silent crash variant with the csv file placed in c:\ crashes it IS reporting that the system cannot find the file specified, followed at the top of the call stack by the line
Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000090