Has anyone been able to successfully make box collision/custom colli work with character controller?

I am having issues with the standard capsule, Say my jump is 100 units, the ledge is 150, if I jump just on the edge of this inaccessible ledge, clipping it barely with the capsule of my character it will pull the character up. It essentially extends the height of my jump due to the rounded capsule meaning I can jump on top of NPC’s, areas I’m not supposed to reach and other fun.

Has anyone figured out a workaround? I’m wondering if its possible to give the player blueprint no collision, make another blueprint with box collision only, and on tick it is given the same location of the player. Downsides would be the slight lag and I don’t know if its possible to disable collision with the capsule. Hmm.

I’ll test in a few days when I can. Even if it was possible to sharpen/soften the edges of the capsule between either box and round to essentially give it a rounded box collision.

I’m jabbering but would love to know solutions to this problem. For a game with strong platforming elements this is a rather large issue!