Has anybody successfully transitioned from ArchViz to Games?

Hi, just wondering if anybody has made a transition from ArchViz to Games? Or some other field involving interactivity and creativity, either full time or as paying side projects. I’m new to the community but have been doing 3D for a long time- nearly 20 yrs and have been ‘stuck’ in arch viz for over half of that.

Arch Viz is just not exciting at the best of times, and my work is simply not ticking the creativity boxes I’m interested in. I’m experienced, it pays the bills well enough but I’m more interested in story-telling and game design even.

I’m starting to look through the job boards and I could post in the Looking for Work boards a bit more about my background and experience, or here depending on if anybody replies.

I’d like to start my own thing I guess, or form/ find a team with experience to develop something. Has anyone else been there done that? I presume yes but it would be nice to hear some anecdotes.

Being in full time work my hours are limited but I need to start somewhere. I’ve been putting off asking this for a couple of years already :slight_smile: