Harvesting foliage spawned trees for wood (2018 in 4.18.2)

Hello experts. I know this topic has been thrown around for a while but I still haven’t found an exact resolution for what I’m looking for.

I am making a basic survival game and I need help with one aspect of it. Chopping down trees and harvesting wood per hit.

My end goal is to walk up to a tree, pull out hatchet, swing it and if I miss a tree, I swing the hatchet all the way across the screen. If I hit a tree, the swinging animation stops and I harvest 1 wood per chop into inventory or the wood falls on ground(whichever’s easier to script). After X amounts of chops, I want the tree to just fall down and disappear after 10 seconds.

I don’t want/need it to look fancy. Don’t need pieces of the trunk to disappear per chop. Just a basic hit it, harvest it into inventory or falls on ground, it falls down and goes away.

What I currently have is an intractable inventory system and when I spawn, I can press “f” and a trace line comes out. If I land my trace on a tree, It replaces the foliage tree with a blueprint of the same tree and then it falls over and disappears.

I followed this tutorial for the intractable inventory system:

I followed this tutorial for the trace line actor replacing system:

Here’s a vid of what I got so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztiF…ature=youtu.be

Here’s the blueprints I currently have in my third person character blueprint: https://i.imgur.com/39rvpzJ.png

Would anyone be able to tell me how to script this up or point me in the direction of a tutorial? I’m not fluent in blueprints yet so I don’t know how to script this thing on my own. All help would be appreciated! Thanks

EDIT: Would something like this idea be appropriate for what I need? Lets just skip the whole animation interruption right now.

  1. I would need to know how I could give the tree “durability” or health to know how many times its been and when to be replaced with a blueprint or destructible mesh.

  2. If I left click, check if I have hatchet equipped. If yes, start swing animation. If I swing, check if hatchet collision collides with tree trunk. If it does, spawn 1 wood resource on floor. The tree would have 5 health and be replaced with a blueprint after it’s health depletes.

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