Harvester AI

I would like to know how to make a blueprint or instruction set for a harvester semi controlled by a aircraft pick and drop of.
So basically I want the aircraft to pick up the harvester from a refinery drop it off into a field, the aircraft can return to the refinery and wait until the harvester is full.The harvester must harvest some element and roam around the particular area, once full, the aircraft must come out and pick up the harvester and return it back to the refinery to unload the goods. Once the goods have been unloaded the aircraft will return the harvester back into the field and repeat. It would be really handy for the harvester and the aircraft to take damage from ground forces of the apposing team.
In theory I would like it to be similar to the spice harvesters in Dune with the “carryall”(aircraft) to maneuver the harvester in different locations.
I have looked a little in AI Bots, but if someone can give me some hints or tips on how to gather the info for this type of setup, as this setup would be the core essence of the game and will play a major part in the economy.