Harvestable trees and multiplayer

Hello all, I have some trees and I want my player to be able to cut them down. For now I have the following system:

I placed trees using foliage. When the player interacts with it, the tree disappears, and my tree blueprint spawns at it’s place. My problem now is, in multiplayer this will not work properly. If a player joins after you chop down trees, he will see both the foliage tree’s and the tree’s from the blueprints that have spawned in the world. I was thinking of using just blueprints and no foliage, but I think the performance will be decreased a lot. Any insights on this matter?

You can also store somewhere the reference of every places you removed trees (like an Array of vector) and then when a player connects get every “foliage” at the stored locations and remove them / spawn your tree blueprint.

Thanks, that seems to be working pretty well, at least for now! :slight_smile: