Harvest: The Unseen *Programmer(s) Wanted*

THE SCARY FARM is looking for programmers for our game demo, Harvest: The Unseen. We are looking to expand our existing team, so work will not be started from scratch and responsibilities will be shared. While we cannot offer payment at this time, we feel that the demo can push us forward into crowd-funding the full game (at that point, all continued positions will be monetarily compensated). Additionally, all work will be compensated in the form of royalties after the full game’s release. Please message us here or at if you are interested! Info on the game below:

Harvest: The Unseen

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Genre: Survival Horror
Development Started: July 2015

The Game:
Harvest: The Unseen is a first-person survival horror game set on a farm in the 1950s. After a car crash leaves you stranded, you venture toward a distant light to find help, only to find yourself prey to a dangerous alien intruder and mysterious paranormal occurrences. Armed with only a flashlight and your will to survive, players are tasked with finding a way to escape before succumbing to the same gruesome fate as the farm’s previous inhabitants.

Players will use objects in their environment to lure and keep the alien at bay, whose cloaking mechanism renders it invisible. The effect the monster has on surrounding electronic devices is the player’s only hope of seeing it coming. The dramatic narrative unfolds throughout environmental details and collectable items. The goal? Escape the farm, alive.

Programming Systems:
· First-person movement (sprint, stamina, crouch, lean)

· Environment interaction (on/off states for static objects, open/close doors)

· Equipped objects and inventory (drop, combine, equip, inspect)

· AI (pathing, alert states, environment manipulation)

The Team:
THE SCARY FARM is the independent development team behind Harvest. We are co-founders Brad Leyden and Jared Bohlken, alumni of Northwestern University’s film program. We are united by an interest in games, narratives, and animation, which has led us to begin work on this ambitious project.

The Progress So Far:
The last couple months have been dedicated to story development and environmental modeling, with interactive elements recently starting to come into the mix. We are currently working on getting a functional, playable demo completed for this summer. Screenshots and teaser trailer below:

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