Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley Created in UE4 using Ray Tracing and Quixel Suite

Its been such a long time since we saw a console game in the wonderful world of harry potter. i decided to create this scene as a homage to a franchise that was such a big part of my childhood and to show off the capabilities of UE4 using real time ray tracing.
This scene also uses the incredible materials found in the Quixel Megascans Library. Around 90% of the materials seen are from Quixel and the majority have been altered to fit the desired look using the power of Quixel Mixer.
Maybe one day we will get our next gen harry potter game but for now i hope this will do.

feel free to check out more of my work here:

Wow! Gave me goosebumps, great work :slight_smile:

Wow this is incredible! This must have been fun to make as well!

I saw on Facebook.
Well done.
Film effect. It looks like film stills.

Thanks, that was the ultimate goal, to get it as close looking as a film as possible. the cinematic cameras where a huge help for this!