Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban - Unreal Engine 2

Hey Guys,

i’m actually “exploring” a older Game called “Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban” (PC) made with Unreal Engine 2.

And i just found this:

line_0=ChangeLevel HP3_Ch1CarpeRetractum
line_0=PlayMusic SM_2001_HogwartsNeutralOrch_01 Loop=False
line_1=FadeTo Time=0
line_2=FOV angle=75
line_3=TargetFlyTo DADAGdsTar_00
line_4=FlyTo DADAGdsCam_00
line_5=Trigger MainDoors
line_6=Sleep 1
line_7=FadeIn Time=2
line_8=FOV angle=65 Time=9
line_9=TargetFlyTo DADAGdsTar_01 Time=9 EaseTo
line_10=FlyTo DADAGdsCam_01 time=9 EaseTo *
line_11=Sleep 1.2
line_12=Say pc_nar_DADAIntro_15
line_14=Sleep 1
line_15=Say pc_nar_DADAIntro_17
line_16=Sleep 1.2
line_17=FadeTo Time=2
line_18=Cue _HARRY_0
line_19=Cue _HERMIONE_1
line_20=Cue _RON_2
line_21=Sleep 2
line_22=FadeIn Time=2
line_23=FOV angle=84
line_24=TargetFlyTo DADAintroLook00
line_25=FlyTo DADACam_00
line_26=Cue _HARRY_3
line_27=Cue _HERMIONE_4
line_28=Cue _RON_5
line_29=Cue _LUPIN_6
line_30=Cue _DADASTUDENT_00_7
line_31=Cue _DADASTUDENT_03_8
line_32=Cue _DADASTUDENT_04_9
line_33=TargetFlyto DADAintroLook01 Time=5
line_34=Flyto DADACam_01 Time=5
line_36=Say pc_nar_DADAIntro_19
line_37=waitforCue RonTopOfStairs
line_38=FOV angle=84
line_39=TargetFlyTo LookAtBird
line_40=FlyTo DADAcamStart
line_41=Cue _HARRY_10
line_42=Cue _HERMIONE_11
line_43=Cue _RON_12
line_44=Cue _DADASTUDENT_01_13
line_45=Cue _DADASTUDENT_02_14
line_46=Sleep .5
line_47=TargetFlyTo HarDADA00 Time=5
line_48=FlyTo DADAcam0 Time=5 *
line_50=WaitForCue HarryHere
line_51=FOV angle=65
line_52=TargetFlyTo Lupin z=42
line_53=FlyTo DADAcam00
line_54=Cue _LUPIN_15
line_55=Say pc_lup_DADAIntro_1
line_56=Sleep .5
line_57=FOV angle=54 Time=5.5
line_58=TargetFlyTo DADAtar01 Time=5.5
line_59=FlyTo DADAcam01 Time=5.5 *
line_61=Sleep 1
line_62=Say pc_lup_DADAIntro_2
line_64=Sleep .2
line_65=Cue _LUPIN_16
line_66=Sleep .75
line_67=Say pc_lup_DADAIntro_8
line_68=TargetFlyTo RonDADA00
line_69=FlyTo DADAcam02
line_70=Cue _RON_17
line_72=Sleep 1
line_73=FOV angle=54
line_74=TargetFlyto Harry z=10 x=-29
line_75=FlyTo DADAcamRon00
line_76=Say pc_ron_DADAIntro_9
line_77=Cue _RON_18
line_78=Cue _HARRY_19
line_79=Cue _HERMIONE_20
line_81=Sleep 1
line_82=Cue _RON_21
line_83=WaitForCue RonHere
line_84=Cue _LUPIN_22
line_85=Cue _RON_23
line_86=FOV angle=64
line_87=TargetFlyTo DADALookDoor
line_88=FlyTo DADAcamLup00
line_89=Say pc_lup_DADAIntro_10
line_90=Cue _LUPIN_24
line_91=Cue _RON_25
line_92=WaitForCue PointDoors
line_93=Trigger DADA_PortToCarpe_Mvr
line_94=Sleep .5
line_95=Trigger DADA_DoorToCarpe_Mvr
line_97=WaitForCue RonFinished
line_98=Cue AllDone
line_99=FadeTo Time=1
line_100=Sleep 1
line_101=Cue _LUPIN_26
line_102=Cue _HARRY_27
line_103=Cue _RON_28
line_104=Cue _HERMIONE_29
line_105=Cue _DADASTUDENT_00_30
line_106=Cue _DADASTUDENT_01_31
line_107=Cue _DADASTUDENT_02_32
line_108=Cue _DADASTUDENT_03_33
line_109=Cue _DADASTUDENT_04_34
line_0=WaitForCue _HARRY_0
line_1=Teleport HarDADA_Intr00
line_2=WaitForCue _HARRY_3
line_3=ShowWeapon false
line_4=Sleep .5
line_5=RunTo HarDADA_Intr00x
line_6=RunTo HarDADA_Intr01
line_7=TurnTo Hermione
line_8=Sleep 1
line_9=LookAt Ron
line_10=TurnTo Ron
line_11=waitforCue RonAtTop
line_12=LookAt None
line_13=Turnto HarDADA_Tele00
line_14=RunTo HarDADA_Tele00
line_15=WaitForCue _HARRY_10
line_16=TurnTo Lupin
line_17=RunTo TurnDADA_Har_00
line_18=WalkTo HarDADA00
line_19=TurnTo Lupin
line_20=WalkTo SmartDeskHar
line_21=PlayAnim Sit
line_23=Cue HarryHere
line_24=PlayAnim Sitting
line_25=SetIdle Sitting
line_26=WaitForCue _HARRY_19
line_27=Sleep 1
line_28=LookAt Ron
line_29=Sleep 2
line_30=LookAt Lupin
line_31=WaitForCue _HARRY_27
line_32=WaitForCue AllDone
line_33=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _HERMIONE_1
line_1=Teleport HerDADA_Intr00
line_2=WaitForCue _HERMIONE_4
line_3=ShowWeapon false
line_4=Runto HerDADA_Intr00x
line_5=RunTo HerDADA_Intr01
line_6=Lookat Harry
line_7=Sleep .25
line_8=TurnTo Ron
line_9=LookAt None
line_10=Sleep 1.75
line_11=RunTo HerDADA_Tele00
line_12=Runto TurnDADA_Her_00
line_13=RunTo HerDADA00
line_14=WaitForCue _HERMIONE_11
line_15=WalkTo SmartDeskHer
line_16=TurnTo Lupin
line_17=PlayAnim Sit
line_19=PlayAnim Sitting
line_20=SetIdle Sitting
line_21=WaitForCue _HERMIONE_20
line_22=Sleep 2
line_23=LookAt Ron
line_24=Sleep 4
line_25=LookAt Lupin
line_26=WaitForCue _HERMIONE_29
line_27=WaitForCue AllDone
line_28=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _RON_2
line_1=Teleport RonDADA_Intr00
line_2=WaitForCue _RON_5
line_3=ShowWeapon false
line_4=Sleep 2.2
line_5=RunTo RonDADA_Intr00x
line_6=RunTo RonDADA_Intr01
line_7=Cue RonAtTop
line_8=TurnTo Harry
line_9=Cue RonTopOfStairs
line_10=Sleep .5
line_11=RunTo RonDADA_Tele00
line_12=WaitForCue _RON_12
line_13=TurnTo Lupin
line_14=LookAt LookAtBird
line_15=Sleep .5
line_16=LookAt None
line_17=RunTo TurnDADA_Ron_00
line_18=WalkTo RonDADA00
line_19=WalkTo SmartDeskRon
line_20=TurnTo Lupin
line_21=PlayAnim Sit
line_23=PlayAnim Sitting
line_24=SetIdle Sitting
line_25=LookAt RonDADA02-2
line_26=WaitForCue _RON_17
line_27=LookAt Lupin
line_28=Sleep 2
line_29=LookAt Harry
line_30=WaitForCue _RON_18
line_31=LookAt Lupin
line_32=Sleep 1.5
line_33=LookAt Harry
line_34=Sleep 1
line_35=LookAt lupin
line_36=WaitForCue _RON_21
line_37=ShowWeapon True
line_38=PlayAnim Stand
line_40=PlayAnim Idle
line_41=SetIdle Idle
line_42=WalkTo RonDADA02
line_43=Cue RonHere
line_44=WalkTo RonDADA02-2
line_45=WaitForCue _RON_23
line_46=Teleport RonDADA03
line_47=WalkTo RonDADA04
line_48=TurnTo DADALookRonLup
line_49=WaitForCue _RON_25
line_50=Sleep 2.5
line_51=LookAt DADALookDoor
line_52=Sleep .5
line_53=LookAt none
line_54=WalkTo DADADoor
line_55=WalkTo DADADoor01
line_56=Cue RonFinished
line_57=WalkTo DADALookDoor
line_58=WaitForCue _RON_28
line_59=WaitForCue AllDone
line_60=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _LUPIN_6
line_1=teleport DADADoor
line_2=LookAt LookTable00
line_3=WaitForCue _LUPIN_15
line_4=Turnto Hermione
line_5=LookAt Harry
line_6=Sleep .5
line_7=WalkTo LupDADA00
line_8=WalkTo LupDADA01
line_9=TurnTo Hermione
line_10=Sleep 1
line_11=LookAt Ron
line_12=Sleep 1
line_13=LookAt None
line_14=WaitForCue _LUPIN_16
line_15=LookAt Ron
line_16=WaitForCue _LUPIN_22
line_17=TurnTo DADALookRonLup
line_18=WaitForCue _LUPIN_24
line_19=Sleep 2
line_20=LookAt DADALookDoor
line_21=Cue PointDoors
line_22=Sleep 2
line_23=LookAt Ron z=50
line_24=TurnTo Ron
line_25=WaitForCue _LUPIN_26
line_26=WaitForCue AllDone
line_27=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_00_7
line_1=WalkTo DADAdesk_00
line_2=TurnTo Lupin
line_3=SetIdle Sitting
line_4=PlayAnim Sitting
line_5=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_00_30
line_6=WaitForCue AllDone
line_7=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_03_8
line_1=WalkTo DADAdesk_03
line_2=TurnTo Lupin
line_3=PlayAnim Sit
line_5=SetIdle Sitting
line_6=PlayAnim Sitting
line_7=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_03_33
line_8=WaitForCue AllDone
line_9=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_04_9
line_1=Sleep .5
line_2=WalkTo DADAdesk_04
line_3=TurnTo Lupin
line_4=PlayAnim Sit
line_6=SetIdle Sitting
line_7=PlayAnim Sitting
line_8=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_04_34
line_9=WaitForCue AllDone
line_10=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_01_13
line_1=WalkTo DADAdesk_01
line_2=TurnTo Lupin
line_3=PlayAnim Sit
line_5=SetIdle Sitting
line_6=PlayAnim Sitting
line_7=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_01_31
line_8=WaitForCue AllDone
line_9=LookAt None
line_0=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_02_14
line_1=WalkTo DADAdesk_02
line_2=TurnTo Lupin
line_3=PlayAnim Sit
line_5=SetIdle Sitting
line_6=PlayAnim Sitting
line_7=WaitForCue _DADASTUDENT_02_32
line_8=WaitForCue AllDone
line_9=LookAt None

What kind of “Programming-language” is this, because it looks really cool and easy!


Not a programming language–looks like it’s a text form of a cinematic. If you copy an object to the clipboard in UE4 you can past to Notepad and view text of what it is you have copied, so it’s likely something like that.

But does smt like the “LookAt” exists in the UE4?

Maybe in a Blueprint, in the past you would use Kismet which might have that as well, or you could make a node that does that.

Well I fought someone could make some of HP or at least one of PC Trilogy in Unreal Engine 4 not in Unreal Engine 2 like original one.I’m afraid Old Unreal Forum doesn’t exist anymore.

It looks like a section of an INI file to me. Probably UE2 didn’t have a support for reading array values from INI so they used “Line_#=XXX” syntax instead of “+Line=XXX”

A clever idea to keep script statements in an array loaded from INI! :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably alright because who would hack a Harry Potter game :slight_smile: …Modern MOBA’s and multiplayer games - a different story. Hacker Wars!