Hello everyone, I use 3DS max to build and am now learnig to use Unreal Engine for architectural Visualizations.
A friend is selling a computer with this video card


and this Processor

AMD FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition

What is more importatant in UE, GPU or CPU? Witch are the most recomended video card and CPU for this kind of work? Is one brand much better?

All help welcomed. Thank you.


Maybe there should be a hardware sticky. Inanycase…

If you have the cash this: Titan X (
If you don’t, this: AMD R7 240: (

I recommend this: GE 750TI:

A better GPU will give you better real time performance/graphics, a better CPU will give you faster lightmap baking, and computing shaders. It really depends on your needs and where your bottlenecks are. The 5870 is outdated, it’s from 2010, it’d be better to buy a modern GPU. CPUs don’t get out of date as quickly as GPUs.

For testing/playing your game the GPU will generally be more important, but having a nice CPU is good for compiling shaders and code + some external programs.
The CPU will be sufficient, the GPU is on the lower side but it will run UE4.
Also don’t buy either of those cards (^^) as they are roughly equal performance or worse then the 5870.

RAM capacity can be pretty important as well so how much does it have?

Are you specifically looking to upgrade it or just wondering if it will work well enough with UE4?

Thanks guys very usefull info. The thing comes with 8Gb of RAM and 2Tb HD. Total cost of $850. It is not a bad price considering I am not in the US. But also not a great price I guess.
I would be upgrading from a computer with a slightly slower CPU and a much slower GPU.
Thanks again.

I’m afraid that $850 is a lot for this PC. It is not a good deal, especially as it is second-hand, and all the warranties have expired. :frowning: You should look to buy a new PC for that kind of money.

The minimum GPU you should look for is AMD 290 or 290X, or Nvidia’s 970.

As soon as I get a chance to do some spending, I´ll check in with with you all for advice on the best CPU and GPU possible.

Thank you all. Learned a lot.

I got GPU R9 270 2 gb
CPU AMD Phenom 2 black edition x3 2.8 ghz and unreal run great for me :slight_smile:

Are you running it at Epic quality (max graphics option) and 1080P @ 60 frames per second?

That would be great, if that was happening.

epic settings and around 100 fps

Same. I have an Intel i5 and 270X, full Epic settings, and in fullscreen it even stays at 120fps.

That’s wonderful. Thanks for the info, guys. :slight_smile: