Hardware Upgrade Decision

Okay, I got a little bonus money recently and need to upgrade my computer, but I can’t decide where to put it.

Current Build: AMD FX 8320, ASUS M5A99X R2, GTX 650 Ti BOOST, 8 GB RAM, CM 212 Evo + Full Tower.

I would like to spend 300. I have a little more to spend, but I want to make the most of my money.

I am debating switching my CPU/MOBO to an Intel build. OR I could just upgrade CPU.

I will for sure get more RAM, maybe two 4GB sticks, or one 8GB stick.

A new graphics card is also something I would like.

I spend some of my time on games, on medium settings, and have no issues. I also do programming and game dev in Unreal and Unity. Supporting Dual monitors.

Thanks for the tips!

Or can anyone tell me my bottleneck?

I would say the graphic card is the bottleneck in your setup

I’d agree that you should get a new GPU. I don’t think by changing the Mobo/CPU you’re going to see $300 worth of improvement, however I do think you’ll see a lot more improvement if you get the best GPU for $300. Then next time change up for an intel CPU/Mobo. That’s what I would do.

Agreed. A new GPU would give you the biggest return. A bit more RAM would also be good, but the GPU will be a revelation.

Yea, if you want to upgrade your system, I would buy a new gpu and upgrade your ram to 16gb. A new CPU would most probably end up in buying a new mainboard. If you don’t have a ssd, you should think about buying one.

Upgrade your GPU, I have an AMD FX6300 CPU, and upgrading to a Radeon R9 290 really improved my UE4 performance when I replaced my old well, not so old HD7790. Also, Look into doubling your RAM if you can, that might be a nice idea too.