hardware Requirements


I have a new laptop:

i7 2670QM quad-core 4 cores 8 threeds - 3:10 GHz Turbo
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1GB
Intel HD 3000
16 GB 1333 MHz DDR 3
1TB hard drive

After I read the system requirements should be sufficient of these actually. However, after a first test the values go down with FPS to 10 FPS and the critical Temperator rises to 203 F which is pretty high, it usually happens when light rendering or the bulding. In the editor, I reach at Low 30 - 40 frames but when a drawn game exe, it goes to 10 FPS and frame I set the window to a maximum of 1024 x 768 then he comes on 15-20 FPS.
Do you think you could still continue to work with it, or is it more extreme the more you in a scene has to objecten and animations?

I tested this with a demo scene from the Free assets of Infinity Blade.

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I have found that graphic heavy programs don’t run as well on laptops as they do with pc’s. It’s all down to dedicated graphics cards I think. You could turn down the quality in the settings menu, that usually makes it run smoother on my laptop.

It’s the low end GPU that is killing it. a 540M is the equivalent to a 6-7 year old desktop GPU.

In low mode, the FPS are in the editor at 60 FPS gameplay at 20 FPS.

Although not belong directly to the question, but is there a way to set fullscreen mode because in the editor’s only different resolutions to choose from.

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