Hardware question for UE4(Building a new PC)

Howdy Unreal community~!

Im looking to build a new PC; for both gaming and using it to run UE4 especially, and I’m willing to drop a decent amount of cash on it but I’ve got some questions.

Right now I’m debating between a Intel core i7-4790k(4.4GHz, quad-core, 8MB Cache, LGA 1150) vs Intel Core i7-5820K(3.3GHz, Hexa-core, 15MB Cache, LGA 2011)

So basically if i get the 5820 i get more cores and more cache, but i lose a little on GHz. Also, the LGA2011 MOBAs allow for more total RAM(128 vs 32 if im correct) and DDR4; the downside of course is the price comparison.

Now the question is:

Would the extra cores be necessary? and the extra cache, how much difference will it really make?
Would the extra RAM that the 2011LGA MOBAs allow come in need? or is it overkill?
Even though i get more cores from the 5820, would the “loss” in GHz make it worth it? Or is the 4790 a better choice?

Remenber that what im really worried about is being able to develop without any performance issues in UE4, thats my main concern.

Thanks in advance guys ~!


The 5820k would be worth it if you plan on doing a lot of baking and rendering, especially lightmass. But I’d probably suggest just sticking with a 4790k unless you really need to reduce the time of CPU tasks. The 4790k will be cheaper and better for games.

you will probably be opening several applications at the same time , say you have a 3d application like Maya , Photoshop and a texturing software like Substance designer web browser with several tabs all with unreal engine running at the same time so the extra cores/threads and rams will be better , in my opinion go for more rams and more cores (from intel) can you do that? .

thought 32 gigs of ram is good to develop actual games you always have to keep in mind that your unreal game should not be using more than 6 gigs of rams (average pc/console that your game should aim for these days have 8 gigs ) so 24/32 gigs is more than enough for development even with all the dev apps opened together , thought the more ram the better for the overall performance of your entire computing needs (common sense)

my opinion thought is not important it really depends on you i honestly think you should ask yourself , it depends on what are you going to do for future upgrades just have an SDD and a fast quad-core or more, and 16 gigs of or more, get a high-end GPU (most important ) and you will be set for smooth development , UE4 (compared to its graphic capabilities ) is not as demanding as people make it sounds to be even mid-range priced laptops with GTX-m GPUs can run unreal these days, just don’t spend too much on a rig that will become absolute at some time no matter how good it was , be reasonable invest your extra money on developer tools and assets instead. like what we did we bought a gtx 970 instead of the titan x and the rest of the money we bought Maya LT 2016 .