Hardware needed to run the engine smoothly

I’m a beginner of UE4. This engine is awesome and I installed it on my macbook pro yesterday.
But I found that it runs extremely slow unless I set everything to the lowest quality.
This significantly increase the development time.
May I know the hardware needed such that it is smooth enough even if I set the best quality?
Thanks in advance.

A desktop PC with a i5, 1050ti, and 8GB of ram will run well optimized projects within the editor at epic settings smoothly, and would cost about $700 to build it.

Obviously if you crank up the settings or are pushing your hardware limits, that build will also start having performance issues.

Not sure about OSX because there’s a lot of other factors at play, some of their hardware has super high resolution displays, sometimes they don’t have dedicated GPUs, and OSX tends to have worse performance than windows for UE4.