Hardware Issue?

Hi folks

Just finished downloading the Kit last night and today trying it out.

All seems fine but i have few issues of ‘lag’ when trying to rename or copy something.

For e.g, i am trying to rename PrimeGateData when it lags, after like 5mins, on the bottom right, it says Compiling Shaders. Then i able to rename it.

Heres my pc specs

3770K @ 4.5ghz
8gig ram
AMD 7970.

The kit is run off a HDD.

Please advise whether i need better cpu ( which i dont think i do ) or more RAM.

Thank you !!

Its usual (at least for me) for the initial load up to be slow, while it complies shaders. Its also normal for the first time in a session when you open/edit a file like Primalgamedata for it to take a bit of time.

If its slow EVERY time you try and open/edit primalgamedata in a session then i think your comp may be struggling, thats not to say you wont still be able to use it - it purely depends on your patience :smiley:

And btw, i just upgraded from 8GB RAM to 16GB and noticed on difference in the speed of using the Dev Kit. Probably the best upgrade you could make (price per performance) would be an SSD, but i think it would have to be 100GB/120GB minimum depending on what you plan on createing

like bacon said, the first few run of the dev kit, it will compile many shader and so will be constantly pushing your CPU/ram, to have all the thing compile you will need more than 1 launch (it don’t compile all the file at start it will compile some after you open the file it is link too, for example after the compiling of the 20k+ shader of the first launch open theisland map and you will have another batch of 2k+ shader to be compile, same with some other file, but after having done this compiling when you will open theisland map the next time it will not compile them anymore so will be faster for this file :wink: )

you have a better pc than mine so i don’t think you really need to update ^^, you just need to be patient for the first few launch before you have compile all the shader need ^^ after it will run like a charm :slight_smile: