Hardware for UE4

Hello, what hardware should use for fast compiling shaders and comfortable working on UE4, i want buy 32GB RAM and AMD FX-9590 and 3 or 2 GTX 780 ti. But mayby better if i use Core i7 for faster compiling?

i7 is nice, I’m using one and full recompile takes around 30 secs (standard compilation takes 3-4). Also, I have no idea why you would need 2 or 3 780 ti’s. I have 1 and I’m having around 120 fps usually (capped).

I thought then will faster build lighting, for big scenes very long calculates, but may be lighting calculated only on CPU without GPU?

Static lighting is baked only on the cpu. Dynamic lighting is done on both I think but is done on a customer computer too, so you have to keep it small anyways.

Then i can gather a cluster for this? What the best solution for speed up baked static lighting?

A processor as good as possible. You can also try to setup multiple processors if it’s possible. Another way is, jsut make instead of One computer, (if you have money for 3 780’s) you can create your main PC, with a very strong processor, and one or two 780 ti’s. And two small pc’s that have awesome processors and nothing more, so you can start swarm on them, and they will help your main pc build lights.

I will get i7 with dual 970 if I were you. There are no such thing as enough power, only limited budget. Get one that suit your budget.

As said, for light buildign you can hook up multiple pc’s, so jsut buy two samall oens with only big processors.

Clearly, thanks, probably will do so.

and how much i need RAM for each small pc?

Big open world game with static lighting: 32 gb each
standard game: 16-32 gb each

How to convince Unreal Engine 4 working with other computers, for baked lighting?
I borrowed a couple of computers for tests.

I finally found someone with as bad typing as me!

Search for tutorials for udk, for how to set up swarm.

I don’t have any baked lighting and use blueprints and I have the highest i5 (not K) and I spend virtually no time compiling or anything it’s great.

Get an SSD if you don’t though, that’ll help a LOT

Yes, because you use dynamic lighting, but sometimes, if you want really awesome light you need static lighting.

I would not mix NVIDIA and AMD GPUs in the same machine. Also, fast SSDs are a must-have IMO. (You can now get 1 TB drives with good quality such as the 850 series from Samsung.)

And I agree – if you can get a couple of extra boxes on a network with high-end CPUs, that will help out with clustered work. In addition to static lighting, you could perhaps set up distcc/incredibuild for it, in case you develop on C++!

It is clear, I’ll try it :slight_smile:

By the way, you can’t use multiple GPU’s with UE4, if you want to use SLI then you have to add support for your game on your own.