Hardware Cursor on Mac bug?


since upgrading from 4.20 to 4.24, we can’t get the hardware cursor to work in our Mac packages. Even in a blank project.

It’s easy to recreate, we put our assets (PNGs and TIFFs) in the Content/Slate folder, and set the field appropriately in the project settings (“Slate/CursorName”).

The TIFF appears to be being read in the Editor, but in a packaged game, it never seems to get processed. If we remove the PNGs (theoretically leaving the tiffs), we get a standard “Failed to load cursor” error (line 3776 GameViewportClient.cpp). And if we leave the PNGs in, they load, but the cursor is glitched:

Any ideas? This did work fine in 4.20.

OK, it took days of messing about, but we found that if you just copy the Slate folder manually into the package directory at Mac/GameName/Content, they would load fine.

I wonder why this process isn’t automated as part of packaging?

Hi Matt, I have the same issue in packaged project on Mac, see this post: Hardware Cursors on MacOSX
I tried to add the directory with the png files I use for hardware cursors under /Content manually in the installed shipping release, but the result is the same, the HW cursor doesnt show up. Can you clarify if you did other steps, apart from copying the cursors on the installed shipping version? Did you do anything more before shipping? This same project works well on Windows/Linux with hw cursors, same setup.