Hardcore first person POV action movie...yay...or...nay?

I have to admit this really puts you in the center of the action and i wouldn’t mind paying to see it, although i am not sure how the story will ever be portrayed to the viewer in a way they can relate. I think there is a reason we dont see this point of view in the movie industry. What are your thoughts?

Looks entertaining, but it may be difficult to assess any emotion from the main character. The classic Wilhelm Scream at 2:34 sold it though

Howdy X.E.R.T.,

I remember a while back when 'Doom" trying doing this for about a 4 minute scene and i really enjoyed it. I think there may be a market for this type of film, but not having the ability to feel any emotion from the character may be a downfall for the overall experience of the audience.

Would be very interesting to see some more movies with such a view -> in my opinion it is a pretty good concept, because the viewer will be directly in the action/scene and as you dont see the face of the protagonist, everybody can imagine a own “hero” (it will give a special kind of “freedom” to the viewer + everybody has a little bit unique version of the movie).

The emotions could be transferred with music, actions of the protagonist, by voice or over the other characters in the movie :slight_smile:

@Alexander & Sean, I was thinking the same thing when it comes to viewer/protagonist emotional connection. Breaking bad is a prime example if any fans here. Best hate/love relationship I have ever had with a television series.

@fighter5347 There probably are some ways the director/producer can try to relate viewers to the character. Also one thing i notice the footage is very basic like parkouring with a go pro, possibly if they were to add everything you stated along with cinematic quality footage and editing it may be possible to feel more connected. Either way its pretty interesting.

My thoughts exactly!

I did as-well. You ever play Quake 4 ? There was a brutal cut scene in fps mode.

I love this type of experience. <font face=“Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif”>