Hard Work

Hey Everybody, I wanted to post this quote by Thomas Edison. It is well known, but I think we all need a good reminder every now and then that there is no substitute for hard work.

Which is all game dev is really, just patience and hard work. I certainly am no expert, I am still a noob in a lot of ways. However I still have a goal, a dream I have been working towards for the past few years. Recently I have been somewhat lazy in my studies and practice. However I sat through a play the other day, that depicted Thomas Edison’s life. I heard this quote and it really motivated me to stick with my passion. So I stuck it on my wall as a reminder day in and day out.

I know this might seem like a corny post, but I just thought it might inspire some of my fellow game developers to keep working hard, like it did me. Anything is possible with a good work ethic and some ingenuity.

Its true dude. For solo devs hardest part of work its to find or create good environment elements.