Hard to(How to) Set/Get relative Location/Rotation?


It’s basic, I really want to know you guys how to handle this usually in UE4.

I want to Set/Get a actor’s relative Location/Rotation(e.g: A actor relative to B actor location/rotation), the nodes Transform Location and Inverse Transform Location can handle location.

But how to handle relative Rotation?

And I don’t understand why this two nodes get two different value?:

I’m very confused with relative location/rotation in UE4. I was wondering why not no nodes like?:


I would simply do:

  • get Actor A location vector, set Actor B location to A location + wanted location
  • get Actor A rotation, set Actor B rotation to A rotation + wanted rotation

Using the nodes “Get Actor Location” and “Get Actor Rotation”

Thanks for your reply.

simply set Actor B location to A location + wanted location not work when A not align to world orientation.

I think you’re looking to attach as parent, attach to component or simply parent components in Hierarchy then.