Hard Time setting up camera

Hello how can I make my camera actor as the static main view of my game?

I just placed a Camera for an Android Game on my Map and now I want it to be static and do all the Game in front of this camera like Tappy Chicken for example!

this is what you need

yes exactly thx BUT now when I do this I cant see anything its just blank screen on my device…I only have an atmospheric fog and a cube that is infront of camera now…what is the problem here? When I hit play everything works just fine but when deploying its just blank black screen … I dont get it

Make sure your Map is the Default Game Map

yes I did this already on start up I think

edit: OMG yes thank you very much!!!I made new empty Level and deleted the first one …it was still set up to that one i made…THNAK oyu very much…this community here seems to be very active as I get very fast answers…I like it here…thx BRO!!!

you’re welcome!

hey dude it still doesnt work :frowning: I have set it now and built it and hit on launch but…nope…still blank black screen as b4

After you 'Set Target View With Blend" add a “Print String” node and test if the message is printed

do you mean making another node and connecting it with the exec output of the view target with blend?..Im sorry Im very new to UE4 in general…

yes it is shown at the right upper corner…but unlike in play mode nothing else then black screen

I really dont get it what do I wrong…the Fog should provide light right? and when not tzhe cube should be still visible doent he?

here is the screenshot of my editor

Make sure Target Platform is Mobile and apply the changes

Im trying but mobile was set at the beginning allready and it worked with the default level ue4 gave me very well but the scalable 3d/2d wasnt set…it was high definiton…whats the difference?

some rendrering options will be modified

now im having this and in a few seconds it will be deployed hoping it wont look like that on device :frowning:

nope still black screen…maybe I should start over with a top down template and adjusting camera position and angle on my own omg…

can you upload your apk to test it in my device

No I still didnt manage to sign my aok…I just start over again :frowning: didnt made much so its ok…In Eclipse or Android Studio its very easy to sign but here i need to use some external tool for it :frowning:

Isnt it strange that the camera and the box is black btw?

My Phone is an Android L device…Galaxy Note 4 I dont think its because of Hardware …