Hard Surface Modeler - Texture Artist LFW

Hi, I’m . I’ve got about 4 years of experience working modeling and texturing primarily hard-surface assets and I’m looking for some interesting opportunities.
I’ve got experience in ZBrush, 3DS Max and Photoshop, among others. I’m up for making vehicles, props, buildings, environmental pieces, weapons and pretty much anything hard-surface or man made.
A few projects I’ve worked on or otherwise contributed to:
Bushido: Legend of the Samurai
Zpocalypse: Survival
Fairytale Games

You can find my portfolio at www…com
Email me at @.com

Here are some pictures of a few things I’ve done:




My portfolio site listed previously is down at the moment as I’m switching websites, but I do have a demo reel of sorts to show off as an example of animation/2D art,