Hard Surface 3D Modeler - Weapons, Buildings, Props, etc

We are looking to hire a couple hard surface modelers in the next couple of weeks for some new badass projects kicking off here at Ironbelly. If you have the chops and would like to work in a relaxed and very well organized virtual environment with some of the best talent alive then I want to talk with you!

Right now our main reqs are:

  • 4+ Years of professional experience
  • Comfortable with Advanced PBR theory and techniques
  • 3DS Max or Maya
  • Substance and/or Quixel
  • Zbrush is nice but not necessary
  • Available 30+ hours per week
  • Located in North/South America, Europe or Africa
  • Experience in UE4/Unity is a plus

If you fit the bill, please email me your portfolio url, including sketchfab/marmoset viewer models and linkedin profile to


Bumping this as we’re on the hunt again

The “4+ Years of professional experience” is a real killer…

just asking how a indie 3D artist can afford the monthly payment for 3Ds and maya ? just asking because i use blender because 3ds max or maya are super expansive as a indie artist

The license for 3DS Max is $200/month or so, I wouldn’t call this expensive especially when you compare this to any other trades professional on the planet. Want to be a carpenter, a plumber or a mechanic? You are going to need to spend $1000’s of dollars on your tools. Even if you wanted to cut grass for a living you still would need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tools. Being a 3D modeler is no different, it’s only the tools that change, that being a PC and some good software.

Just curious would you consider applications from Blender 3D users as long as their skill level / experience is up to the task?

Yep, don’t see why not as long as teh exported FBX’s are fine. Do you also user Zbrush or Substance?

Thank you for your reply IronBelly. :slight_smile: Good to know. I don’t use Zbrush personally, but can sculpt in Blender. I use Quixel primarily. But have some experience with Substance. But on a full time gig right now. Thx anyways!

Hay, guys, what do you think about 3d-coat? I think it is very strong and cheap solution for sculpting, retopo and texturing.