Hard-Surface 3D Artist Junior ( Part Time ) ( Low Cost )

My name is Simon Riverin, self taught 3D Artist ( Hard-Surface Focused ).
I have a large Artistic/Design background & knowledge. I am also a very decent ( Proficient ) 3D artist ( I have way better skills compared to average junior artists working for studios )

( I am looking for a work time of maximum 20H Per Weeks )

These are things I’ve done (Portfolio) mostly outdated

-I did work on some community projects. I succeeded Art Test of 3 Different Studios ( they are the only ones I applied for ) However, I couldn’t accept because I am still in school, and they were only offering me either a Full Time Jobs, or an In House Jobs which was Impossible for me )

The Studios ->


-PBR texturing ( Substance Designer / Painter / Photoshop ) NO QUIXEL SUITE good for PreVis---------->

**-Sub-D Modeling **

**-Medium Poly Modeling **

-High to Low Poly Workflow

**-Efficient Baking **

-Basic Sculpting skills

-Unreal Engine BluePrints Shaders & Procedural Materials Creation

-Unreal Engine Lighting (Something I did Koola's stuff - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums )

**-Levels BlockOuts **

If you are interested, I will do your Art Test with pleasure.