Hard question about LANDSCAPE INTERACTION! Can a pro help me?

Hello guys! What i want to do is a system to make the player remove, put or just move spots in the landscape. An exemple, not exactly what i want but understandable, is when u dig or put blocks in minecraft. In my case, i dont want to make my game with blocks, so after seaching i found a good example:

In this video you can see the player just moving the landscape. The functionality of this for me is create, in game, something like caves, holes or anything else the player want. Well, actually i have no idea how to do this.

One thing different to the video which I want to do is the way which landscape is moved. I don’t want to move or remove/put him with a projectile, but with a shovel. In the video you can see the developer changing things in the BP of the projectile, so this is other problem for me.

To explain it better, what I want is basically left-click on my mouse, with the shovel in hands, and make spots in the landscape be removed/putted or placed.

I’m a beginner in UE4 and i’m creating my frist game, trying hard to learn. Anyway i really want to do that, can someone help me PLEASE?

Hi Rocky,

Have you looked into the Voxel plugin? There is a free version that you can test out and see if it does what you want.