Hard Camera Cuts in Sequencer

I have an animated camera track I brought in from Blender. And I have the camera cuts done in blender with stepped interpolation where I needed hard cuts. But when I bring it in to UE4, it’s never a hard cut to the next camera angle. It’s like there is an extra frame or two that smooths out the movement of the camera.

I also tried using multiple shots and camera cuts in sequencer but I still get the smooth motion. It’s never a hard snap to the new camera angle. Is there some setting I’m missing somewhere?

What do your curves look like? They should be set to constant interpolation if they’re not already.

Like I said… the camera animation is imported from blender. I cannot set the curve in ue4. This is exactly what I do in blender. I set the curve to constant interpolation. But it never works as constant when I import the camera animation to ue4.

I worked out a solution. I had to split the hard cuts to separate actions in Blender and import them as individual clips in UE4. So by placing them correctly in sequencer, you get nice hard cuts. Hope that helps anyone else trying to do the same thing