Happy New Year(S)

Do you know this surge?

It’s like a flow flying through you. Like a spear, an estoc, a straight trait in your stomac!
A ■■■■■■■ “discussion” about the world and how it should be and how it could be!

Unreal… just the name is (was) and will sound like a hope!
A ■■■■■■’ hope!
The Graal, even!

I cannot say nothin’ but thank you!

Thank you all you ■■■■■■’ hardworworker, (we don’t know that in europe :D) Everyday, my first reflex is to browse y’all :smiley:

AAh! for me Ureal mean a lot ya know!
Unreal is one of the (two) first 3d engine(the other one is vale but they don’t do it anymore, do they?),
I’m no US, i Dunno your stories, but unreal gonna wild free source is like … what? the best is gonna free now?
And not the best from yertesrday, the best of the bests!
everything just for 12% ?
You said TWELVE PERCENT? You give me all but Twelve, right?

Oh, boys, I’m ready to give you just 12%!

Happy new year!

This freakin’ engin took you 20 ■■■■■■■ years to build!

THANK ■■■■■■■ YOU!