Happy (late) StarWars day! Heres a landspeeder

Heres a quick thing I threw together. I wanted to make a hover car so I made a landspeeder. Its still heavily a work in progress and I still need to tweak some variables to make it feel right. The hovering is done through a single box trace, and I figured out a way to apply torque to the speeder to make it align to the terrain through a single trace.


Dang, dude. This is really impressive! Already it is super polished and looks incredibly fun just to drive around on!!

Thanks! It really is a whole lot of fun. Sometimes its good to just take a break from what you normally work on and try out something new. Making stuff is kinda like a puzzle. Its all about figuring out the best way to do stuff and get good results.

Thanks, Still trying to figure out how to make it hover without bouncing around a lot. Id like it to never hit the ground even when landing from high jumps.