Happy holidays - free download!

Hey everyone, here’s a fun little holiday-themed download we’d like to share with you.

What you’re seeing here is:

  1. A tree,
  2. A spline Blueprint garland with lights inside it,
  3. A spline Blueprint string of tree lights that can blink and randomize,
  4. A spline Blueprint of ornaments,
  5. An assortment of presents with different types of wrapping paper materials and bows,
  6. A snowman!
  7. A flickering candle that generates light,
  8. Animated falling snow,
  9. Happy holidays text!

What you’re not seeing is the camera and scene setup with a low, wide angle revealing presents falling from the sky and tumbling everywhere before comically exploding.


We wish you all a very safe, happy holiday.

This is adorable

edit: the link is 509’d though

Yeah Dropbox really doesn’t like internet traffic… @Dana try either Google Drive or Mega, they work well for high traffic downloads like this.

Thanks for this though! Looks good :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays crowl and all other people from Epic :slight_smile:

@JoeWintergreen @DotCam

Yeah, my bad. :slight_smile: Please try the Google Drive link above instead.

Thanks Epic … everyone at Epic and here on the Forums … Have a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year. 8-}

yes, Thanks! &…

Happy Holidays to All! 8-}
(lol ^ Grinch copied from qdelpeche)(luv tha’ Grinch!)

Yeah thank you Crowl , Happy holidays too , to all Epic & to this great community

Thank you for the package! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and happy holidays :wink:

Happy Holidays to everyone at Epic Games and on the forums!

Thank you for the gift!

Happy Holidays and thanks for gift

thanks and happy holidays to everyone

Thanks…Merry Christmas…

Wesołych Świąt! That is Merry Christmas from Poland!

And thanks for that small present, it’s actually much more usefull than it looks like :slight_smile: