Happy Feedback about Adding Custom Components to BP List

Dear Friends at Epic,

I just wanted to say wow! It’s awesome how easily we can expose our c++ custom UObject components to Blueprints to be added as components to any blueprint!

It is amazingly easy to do

and looks great!

Here’s a pic of what I am so happy about!

I have tutorial on this subject here:

Thanks for making this so easy to use Epic!

This really gives C++ programmers even more power to build a set of tools for the whole team to use via blueprints!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]:heart:


All we need now are blueprintable components, hehe :wink:

As the roadmap says, it’s being worked on right now :wink:

James, I’m picturing you on stage as a stand-up comedian holding up a picture of the road map with a big circle around Blueprint components, saying “BOOM!”, dropping the mic and walking off the stage :slight_smile:


I should look at the roadmap more often :slight_smile:

Am I the only one picturing Rama as Bob Ross saying “Happy little feedback” and “Happy little custom components”. :slight_smile: