Happy Birthday Chance! :D

Happy Birthday to our beloved Community Manager! :smiley:

I was just wondering if Skype was making it up but looks like it wasnt.

Happy Birthday, Chance!

Happy birthday ! ^^

All the best to you…

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Anniversary, Chance. :smiley:

Happy birthday Chance! The best community manager a group of developers could ask for! =)

Happy Birthday to you!

Yeah, happy birthday a second time! (: Hope you had an awesome day till now! Best luck for the next year!

You all are the real MVP :’)

Thanks everyone! it’s been great getting old

What a nice day!
Happy birthday, mr. Awesome!

Hah, we’re lucky we’re getting old with you :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Chance!

Thanks for the skilled managing (which is about twenty times more than some forums can say; it seems having good managers is a thing of the past everywhere else).

Many More!

~ Jason

a little late but happy birthday:)

PS. I found you a cake;)

sorry, couldn’t resist:D


So much love.

Re: Awesome community - It’s actually the other way around, you are the best! Love everybody

Hope you had a great birthday!

P.S. Was that plad cake any good?

Hb :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Chance, thanks for being an awesome Community Manager. I hope you’ve had an awesome birthday :slight_smile: cheers!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birtdhay ! :slight_smile:

Happy really late birthday… Or would it be really early birthday!
But seriously… I hope you had a great BDay! :slight_smile: