Hangry Bunnies From Mars VR

Heyo all :slight_smile:
So I shall keep all my updates in this one post thread from here on in. Hopefully some of this stuff is helpful or at least enjoyable.
Hope all is well and shiny for everyone

February Week 1 - Gatling Gun

Fixed big bunny spawn problem
Modeled gatling gun and built bone system
Add spin up and spin down to state machine, Did not work
Add in stand alone gatling gun animation then use BP to change its speed
Made spin up and spin down call a comment event then return along down the line
Made gatling gun spin up to max and stay and down during trigger pull
Made gatling gun fire when it should at max spin only NOPE
Made gatling gun do damage
Made gatling gun fire tracer, smoke, and hit explosion explosion effect
Made gatling gun scale in during phase 2, also add in hotkey
Made gatling gun do less damage but fire often
Made gatling gun also mellee NOPE
Made gatling gun fire its own smaller impulse
Rewrote how the gatling gun works from the ground up
Gatling actior now spawns then attaches to the hand
Made gatling gun have power up meter
Made gatling gun have spin up and spin down sound effect
Made gatling gun have its own fire sound effect
Made gatling gun shoot out shells and exhaust

January Week 3 - Gravity Gun

Defeated the plague over 4 days
Theory crafted secondary weapons
Got charging meters working
Got fully charged button working
Got initial gravity gun blast working
Fixed Left Right mixup bugs
Got Left weapon shooting out AOE gravity blast
Got Right weapon shooting a suck in then directionaly blast out gravity blast
Tweaked blast areas
Made alt weapon attacks calm down bunnies
Added alt weapons sound effects
Added alt weapons controller shake
Added alt weapons visual effects
Alter button apearances and functionality
Alt Weapons cleaned up and done
More Warning Systems

January Week 2

Made screen go red only at last 10 percent of health
Made big bunny impact stronger and bigger
Slowed down bunny run speed by createing an invisible physics material floor
Slowed down bunny spawning so they pop pop pop into existance instead of all at once
Adjusted initial wave length to avoid trigger fatigue
Used directional light shafts for bunny drop warnings, Bad Idea
Created several types of light cones for bunny drop warnings, Bad Idea
But did get cool light shafts for later effects
Setup warning arrow for bunny drop
Made arrow material animate
Made arrow point towards bunny drop
Tweak arrow until it felt pleasant
Tried useing a lerp to smooth bunnies rotation, Bad Idea
Made arrow fade in and out at appropriate time
Added text bunny drop warning as well
Got Vive controller model loaded in so I could line the gun up with the controller
Also got Vive Controller model so I can create other guns from it next
Fixed Bug - Big bunny random squeeze jump.
Fixed Bug - Restart World breaks game

January Week 1

Bug Fix Final wave enemy broke
Bug Fix Rewrote big bunny drop rate
Added collision sphere to head set
Optomized particle bunnies for frame rate
Tried moving UI to the bottom
Studied other VR shooters and nearly went blind
Serious Sam, Raw Data, War Hammer Vermacide, The Lab, Brookhaven Experament
No one uses a HUD
All UI exist on static object on the ground
All damage indicators are vision effects
Planed and Implamented damage notification
Tried adding drop indicator, it looks bad and removes user from experience
Bug fix tracer fire was broken
Made screen go red as you die

December Week 4

Alpha Tested with about 30ish family members and everything went pretty durn good
Setup weapon switching
Setup different weapon power levels
Get Temp Waves Functioning
Wave 0 - until 100 Points, **** Gun, Small Bunny Pack Release
Wave 1 - until 200 Points, **** Gun, Big Bunny Pack Release
Wave 2 - until 300 Points, Mid Gun, Big Bunny every other pack, Big Bunny Packs
Wave 3 - Particle bunnies Sequence you die
Refine waves over and over and got its logic finally working
Start up screen created
Start up screen functioning
Spawn particle bunnies based on health hitting 20%
Tried delta time to activate particle bunnies, no good
Compiling Error Fixed

December Week 3

Desktop mirror window render fixed
Camera shake from big bunny reduced
Set big bunny spawn rate as static for testing sakes
Raise little bunny blast radius up so they fly around less
Tried fixing screen mirror viewport resolution, come back later
Tried fixing packaging project error, come back later
Found and readied bunny scream
Implamented bunny screams, bad idea, too much going on already
Set big bunnies to be worth more points
Slowed down bunny group release
Tried making bunnys instantly get angry from big bunnies, but then the bunny crowd leaves the big one and there is no cool thud bunny bouncing
Tried createing Jet bunnys from simple version of original bunnys, did not work, too much resources
Tried creating particle systen that then drove Mesh instancer to create jet bunnys, did not work, still too much resources.
Created PArticle Jet bunnies
USed Orbit in particles for bunny motion, Orbit is total fail. Orbit jsut ofsets particle location, does not actualy move particle.
Get Jet bunnys headed towards target
Get jet bunnies flock swirling
Get Jet Bunny Engines Working via particle stretch or material, got rid off, too Much resources
Get bunnys Fadeing in size
Get different particle systems
Ones that are flowing down the streets towards the middle
Ones that are appearing everywhere in the sky and heads towards the middle
Ones that Appear in the middle and head towards the target location
Recreated entire Particle bunnies
Get jet bunny sequence working via timers

December Week 2

Gun Tracer Fire
Redesigned level to stop user from spinning out of control
Put UI on back of guns, then took it off
Put the UI onto a visor
Created Simple bunny Geo and Skeleton
Got Bunny Physics Functioning
Bunnys roll completely when thrown into air
LittleBunny limbs waggle more
Tuned rigg makeinge ears perkyer
Got Bunny colors functioning again
Added back in scale variety
Created Big Bunnies
Got Big Bunny not effected by gun blast
Made Bunny Blood Blast
Made Big bunny dust particles
Made Big bunny landing goes thump sound
Made Big bunny landing send others flying
Big bunny landing camera shake
Big bunny spawn less frequently
Guarantee big bunny drop every third
Visual and Audible Game Mechanic Helpers

December Week 1

Fixed Wich spawn point used mechanic, last and second to last not working
Cleaned physics to not run on every tick
Tried to Change Bunny C to use cube instead of sphere, No Good
Bunnies to scale randomly
Tried to use particles to drive bunnnies Nope
Changed sound fall off on a few items to help user
Added a blast of light and sound warning for bunny spawning location
Add sound effect splat
Made Sound effects Splat Big and small for bunny sizes useing a inversed Lerp.
Made bunnies scale randomly
Set up and implamented a combo system
Fine tuned bunny anger after they get shoved
Fixed bunny spawn points up a little and fine tuned their timing
Use ribbon particle for tracer bullet trail
Lots of refinement and fixes and details oh mai!

November Week 4

Add sound to bunnies
Fix Audio Skipping
Music Play Pause
Dust Particle Color
Alot of Optimization and clean up
Game play of bunny spawning mechanics added in
Staggered bunny release gameplay mechanics
Re Wrote Damage System from ground up
Added dead bunny splat decal
Set bunnies to climb over each other every once and awhile via random jumping impulse
Tuned game play
If a bunny is stuck for too long now it dies.
My first playtest was a success!

November Week 3

Moved to 4.14
Re enable MSAA
Abandoned Cell shader
Fixed Spawn locations and issues
Explosion force occurs at gun hit
Gun hit kills multiple enemies
More effects at gun hit
Bunnies death explode into blood cubes
Haptic FeedBack
Spread bunnies out and make them bigger
Slow bunnies down for gameplay mechanics
Bunnys get angry
Angry bunnys get neighbors angry
Anger changes benny color and speed
Bunnys attack
Set up health and death
Relight, Relight and So Many Enemies

November Week 2

Revisited lighting and made everything look better
Learned Profiling and Optimization
Revisited lighting to go more stylized for optimization
Enemy reduced to cubes
Increased enemy count 5X
Implamented full auto weapon
Implemented enemy death
Prototype Guns, Critters and Explosions

November Week 1

Animated UFOs
Fixed road collision
Got ambient occlusion working
Modeled guns
Implamented functionality of guns including sound
Fixed sound issues
Modeled and animated Critters
Got critters spawning and traveling
Prototype World Creation

October Week 4

Switch over social media to Hammer-On
Purchase Additional Software
Setup google docs with outline of prototype build process and begining of full build outline process
Design and test prototype world level
Company Website Creation

October Week 3

Secure domain and web server
Design company logo
Design implament web site main page
Ordered and recieved my HTV Vive! :smiley:
Finish web site alt pages
Setup new youtube channel and merge with old
Training Video Playlist

June 3 - October 15, 2016

I recorded my daily progress while learning Unreal Engine 4 through a self made curriculum so that I and others could look back. I wish to show as much as I am able to from my first learning steps to a finished VR game title being published and sold on steam. I hope this can help others and myself to see that this is possible as long as you truely put your mind to it.

Below are links to all the tutorials I went through.

Scripting First Person

Scripting Gameplay

Intro to Blueprints (v4.8)(Series) (Should Have Started Here)

Blueprint Essentials

Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation

Moar PArticles

Blueprint Networking

3rd PErson Power Up Game


Stylized Environments

Sculptris - Dynamically sculpt models

Styleized Axe model and texture

Styleized Axe Painting In Quixel

Styleized Environment Sculpting

Styleized Environment Textureing

Substance Bitmap To Material

Substance Painter

SubstancePBR Guide

Bridgeing PAinter and Designer
Substance Designer
Sub Painter Dynamic Layering
Substance PBR Environments

Introduction to Particle Systems in Unreal Engine

AI Basics

Crowd AI

Functional AI

Creating Morph Targets in Unreal Engine

Puzzle Game


Post Process Visuals


Twin Stick Shooter

Third PErson To First

User Interface

Mass Enemies

Holy heck fire everyone! I got sponsored to make my game :smiley:

Some friends got money together for us all to take that giant leap. Its terrifying but so exciting!
Sorry I have been gone a while. I have been doing a lot overtime at my regular job. Also I had to clean up my game so others can come work on it with me. Also turning in my notice so goodbye tracking and hello full time indi game dev!

Deeds done:
Rebuilt Hand Gun Loading System
Rebuilt Gatling Gun loading System
Rebuilt traveling geo, did not work
Rebuilt tracer fire with projectile, did not work
Rebuilt tracer using beam particle
Capsule shadows enabled on bunnies
Delete Old and unused assets
Cleaned up alot of blue prints
Contracts, Meetings, More Contracts and More Meetings


Looking Good. Keep up the awesome work Lenny!

Sounds great! Good luck on the game!
My advice: Always keep the game in a “this can ship without being too broken” state.
That way, when the money runs out, you can ship right away. Perhaps not with all features, but at least shippable!

Thank you so very much. I shall :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for the advice. I shall put that at the top of our whiteboard :slight_smile:

Any advice anyone thinks of is always always wanted and welcome.

Heyo all ^_^;
This week we are all moved into the new studio and working at the new job making the game :smiley: . We got the design idea documents, plot, and a bunch of other ground work for bunnies all laid out. The rest of the week we are laying out the detailed plans so that next week we can hit the ground running. But of course first up the hopefully helpfulll things for yall :slight_smile:

  • Github Setup
  • Complete SCedual and plan laid out
  • Design of characters and world started
  • Lots and Lots of Secondary weaponry refinements
  • Finished my part of co-workers project

Everything is up and running and scheduled and laid out and systems are go go go full tilt! ^___^
Thank you all for following so far. The next 6 months should be an awesome amazing doozy of a time.

Howdy All;
Here is our first real proper update on our game. Sorry for its length. Hopefully you find it cool. Do let us know if there is anything we should change. Any and all comments and ideas are very welcome. Thank you all so very much for the support and for following along. It does mean the world to us.
Hope your weekend is shiny and awesome. :slight_smile:

Weekly updates, huzzah! We got some frikin awesome new concept artwork. We got the game itself much more tuned. Fixed up a whole lot of loose ends. We started level balancing. Modeling and animation of assets has begun. Hope all is well and shiny out there for everyone. Thank you so much everyone for the help and follows.

Not enough VR love! Don’t worry about not getting too many responses this early in development.

On another note, I’m glad to see another “solo dev” out there. I used to have a small team but most work is usually done by myself and relying on some purchased assets to speed things up. I don’t really have time to sit down and watch everything but from what I saw, I can tell you’re making good progress. Keep at it!

Thank you so incredibly much for the kind words :slight_smile:

I was totally solo at first. But, after getting to a certain point two of my buddies decided they had enough faith in my project to dump their freelance overhead into hiring me on so I could quit my day to day job. I would still be solo, BUT since they were willing to take the risk on dumping their money into bringing me on full time I had to say “Hell frikin yeah” heheh. So far its working out grand. I am taking care of all the blue prints and programming, Cobalt is taking care of the artwork and concepts, Daniel is taking care of animating and modeling, Joel is taking care of business/marketing/music . So far at least thats were we are. I’m certian we all will were many hats by the end of this lol.

But again thank you so much for the reassuring words. It keeps us going on those long nights. I promise I shall keep at it right on into release day :slight_smile:

Heyo all :slight_smile:
First, here are some awesome talented folks.

Daniel Pederson / Ocean Daniel - Our main Modeler and Animator

Dave Dexter Music - Our overly talented music man

Both these guys are so intensely talented I dont know how we are lucky enough to have them on the team.

Sorry its been a while. This bunny train is moving full steam. Apologies for the delay on the videos. Hope all is well and shiney for everyone out there. :slight_smile:

Hey all;
So apparently our game title is actually stepping on some toes.
I need to change its name to Hammer-On Productions VR
Does anyone know how to change a threads name or do I just delete it?

darthviper107 Is our hero today. He changed the thread for us. Huazzah! :smiley: