Hanging during depth map creation

Hi all,

RC is hanging while creating depth maps.  My model is built from 670 tiffs.  I’m on a dell laptop with a puny Quadro M1000M GPU.  When I get to about 80% of the way through the depth maps, the GPU usage goes to 0%, occasionally spiking up to 50% usage every few minutes, just to drop again.  The depth maps never make it to 100%.  They’ve made it as far as 90%, but never further.  I abort after a couple days, save the project, reopen it, and restart reconstruction, which starts up at around 70%.

I figure this must be some issue related to GPU overheating, but strange that it never ramps back up again after slowing down initially.  Any thoughts?




I’d try a different PC with more GPU VRAM installed. Maybe helps…

Thanks Michal.  Eventually the model ends up being created… though there does seem to be something funny going on.  I’m on a laptop, so can’t switch up the GPU on it, and I do have to work on this laptop to some extent… but not sure how much i’ll really be able to debug what’s going on…