Hanging cable asset using Houdini Engine

Hey! I’m working on a tool to quickly create hanging cables and ropes for your scene. They are not dynamic and can be baked down to static meshes. I’m trying to make it as artist friendly as possible.

The workflow kind of goes like this at the moment. Drag asset into scene. Give it a curve. Move the verts of the curve to where you want your anchor points to be. It’s procedural so you can add as many points as you want. Then you adjust the tension/length of the cable. You can select any object in your scene for the cable to collide with. If those objects update, so will the cable. This means you don’t have to recreate the cables everytime you alter the environment.

I’ll add more features later like connectors and multicable support, but right now I’m focusing on nailing the workflow.

I would love some feedback on the workflow, especially from non tech artists. How would you want it to work? What could I improve to make it easier to use?

Oh, and since it’s a houdini engine asset, you could either leave the cables as they are and they will update as you work, or you could bake them out and merge the actors. Or you could bring the houdini engine asset into maya and create the cables there instead if you need to.

Here’s a video showing the current workflow:

Hey, I saw your video about volume to mesh workflows on vimeo and came across this aswell, which I can say is really awesome :slight_smile: What I wanted to ask is, is this still WIP since last showcase video was from 2 months ago.

Unfortunately I didn’t recieve much feedback so I’m unsure where to take it next. And, then life happened so this has been mothballed I’m afraid.