Hangar / Cargo Management

So, I think this is my first WIP on the forums. Its not much to look at, but I figured I’d share something.

Essentially, this is the prototype hangar management system that’ll exist in all hangars in the Cassini universe. Its part of the number of various systems and processes that are designed to help the environment feel more alive. As fliers land and take off, they are parked within the hangar by an automated crane system. The video shows the first prototype of the system working.

The dock manager looks at all the available pads in a hangar, and if one is available, it allows the flier to enter and land. It will automatically select the nearest available landing pad, and place the flier there. Since hangars will come in a number of different sizes and configurations, the idea was to keep the system entirely procedural. The crane ‘computer’ knows where each of the pads are in space.

Ignore the artwork, its all shonky placeholder stuff right now. There are a few problems with the system I need to fix, mainly the missing crane boom and cables, speed control when moving to pads of varying distance, only one airlock in use at a time, and many more.

The plan is to use the same system (albeit with some modifications) for cargo management in warehouse locations and player hangars.

Still, I figured it was worth a share.

Pretty nice, those kind of systems certainly add immersion to a game. I like it.

Beware, some critique following though. I would add some secondary animation to the crane. It kinda looks rigid at the moment. You know a little rotation that shows that this thing is made out of mass when you apply acceleration.

Anyways, what is your planned genre?

Yeah the animation leaves a lot to be desired - it’ll be updated once the basic behaviors are out of the way.

The game is about 60% dogfighting/aerial combat, and 40% first person exploration and shooter.