Hangar 62 - Industrial Asset Package

Hiya guys!
Just finished this one up for a competition.

I’m looking for some feedback on my work in general so if you want to help me push my work to the next level please leave some feedback where ever.
The meshes them self ( can upload wireframes if you like but I’m looking more for feedback on the look and feel of the scene itself, but will still be happy to provide wires =D )


Some progress shots in Unreal Engine
TimothyDries_Progress_ (1).jpg
TimothyDries_Progress_ (2).jpg
TimothyDries_Progress_ (3).jpg
TimothyDries_Progress_ (4).jpg
TimothyDries_Progress_ (6).jpg
TimothyDries_Progress_ (7).jpg

And the 2 final shots.



The main thing that I struggled on is that I need to prepare myself better, be more organized and work on my workflow.
Because I keep making the problem that I try to do stuff that in the end has me backtracking and redoing stuff for a day or 2 (not on every project but this was the case here)
It could be that I just need to settle in a good workflow.

I love what you guys think of this, and I’m looking for honest feedback so don’t hold back.
If you are looking for some other work to compare it against this one please visit my artstation (link in the banner below)

Thank you guys, for being awesome!

The brick wall texture on the first pics has clearly visible repeating patterns on it: the gray scratches as well as the brown bricks.
The brown brick patterns seems to come for a 4 by 4 repetition of the same smaller texture. I hope you did not simply make a “larger” texture by re-using 4x4 smaller ones?

Nice! I would wish something like a gate that has also a animation and a warn light that rotates if the hangar gate gets opened or closed :wink:

Thanks for the reply man! I did use Substance painter to create those brick patterns, so that’s why the tiling is visible as I had to tile it that many times to get a good number of bricks in there.
I don’t know if you can up the number of bricks without making them bigger in any way, if so please let me know :smiley:

Thanks man! I was actually thinking about adding in a door like the one below


That would be pretty cool though! But I did not have the time to make another asset in these short 2 weeks ( as I am also full time employed ) but maybe when I revisit this one day ( perhaps to make it a real asset package for the marketplace or something ) then I would definitely add some doors and more assets :smiley:

Yeah something like that :slight_smile: Cool man ! :wink: