Hands for VR and Fingers Solver - Support Thread

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Demo Project: 4.21]

Version 1.2

  1. New optional function in Hand Skeletal Mesh component: Set VR Input Grip Pose. If grip pose was initialized, the hand would interpolate VR input for each finger between open reference pose and grip reference pose (0 – open pose, 1 – grip pose).

  2. Finger orientation structure got additional float variable: First Knuckle Curl Addend, i. e. curl rotation value, applied to first finger bone only. It helps to build more accurate poses.

Planned in the next update:
• support for Set VR Input Grip Pose in Fingers Solver system
Create Fingers Pose From Current State – special function to build dynamically fingers pose from instantaneous traced pose or VR input pose.

Hello Yuri,

I am trying your demo (4.21) with index controllers (knuckles) …But, what is the mapping…as nothing is working with the default default configuration ?

In advance thank you

Depending of what you use (anim node or Hands Skeletal Mesh), call function “Apply VR Input” of FK/IK Finger Solver or Hand Skeletal Mesh component in every tick. It takes as a parameters curl values for all fingers with 0 - finger fully straightened and 1 - finger fully curled. You can get this values from “Get Fingers Culrs and Splays” global function (part of Valve SteamVR Input plugin). In BeginPlay, initialize input reference pose (pose for fully open hand).

Hi Yuri,
Great product! Excuse my ignorance, but how does the finger tracking system work? Is there a way to set up gripping like the default VR motion controller? or are they stored values that get called on overlap? I have set up my project like the VRIKBodyDemo_New 4.24 project. I have followed all your vids and I am still unable to set up hands like in Oculus VR w/touch controls. I also have the oculus source build loaded and was wondering if there is a way to integrate with the Oculus hand tracking system? If you have any other tuts for two handed grabs or or weapons, that would be much appreciated. Last thing, I like the hand tracking, but what would you recommend for locomotion with no controllers? I am having a hell of a time trying to create something for world locomotion.

Thank you,

Tony D

Is this still alive? I see it was updated to 4.26 so one would hope so?

When I try to play the demo level (on the Index), Unreal crashes when I attempt to calibrate.

Any thoughts?


EDIT: Pulling the triggers causes the crash immediately. Additionally, there’s a compile error in: