Hands animation in fbx or reliable way to capture gestures

I am working on a product which uses close up of hands, performing gestures. In few words, it is a simulator, so the hands will need to be animated to show grab/drop of tools (pen-like, kinda like a brush for a painter or a scalpel for a surgeon).
Also I need some touch gesture, like when a hand poke/grab/feel something; the best description I have is to imagine a surgeon hand doing an operation or probing a patient area.

So far I found nothing that is specifically for hands; I am not good at keyframing and I have no capability to get a mocap studio to do this for me, so either I can buy the fbx files with the animations done, or I can get the software to actually do the animations.

On the pre-made animations I found nothing at all (I did check also other forums, not related to UE or gaming), while for tools, I found an old software that use a leap motion sensor; but I am not sure how good is that, considering that the leap is very old at this point, and when I tried it at launch, it was absolutely inaccurate and inadequate for most tasks.

What are my options at this point, beside hiring a specialized keyframe artist? Thanks