Handpainted TD Undead Village

TD Undead village pack includes content from 200+ meshes, textures, and with material to them.

Concept artist, illustrator :

i dont like how it(gif) looks, can you provide better pictures?

Later we will show more screenshots

It looks correct, it reminds me WOW at the beginning (February 2005 if i remember good!).

You should have shown more content and/or put more explanations when you show something :wink:

Awesome pack trully magnificent… :cool:

Very soon…

New concept art of village

Cool stuff, I really like the art style.
I can’t wait to see some of the models/textures :slight_smile:

i don’t get the idea of high quality concept art

Really love this style of modelling/texturing. ggwp

look very nice!

New concept

You know at the beginning i didn’t understand that it was only concept :wink: Well, i like your concepts, want to see the 3D asap please :slight_smile: ! Keep up!

TY for support!! :slight_smile:

We did it! :slight_smile:

What you don?

Cool! Good base for RPG game, i like that style.

Oh wow, waiting to this stuff so badly! Tell us release date, plz.

After 3 february :rolleyes:

How did you create the water? In the demo scene there are Box Brushes, but I can’t find in UE4 how to make a Box Brush…